• What is the RUCC?
    It is a not for profit corporation with a single mission to grow minority and women owned union construction companies who self-perform construction services.
  • What does it do? 
    It helps improve the business skills of the owners, a key reason why many small companies struggle.
  • How long has the organization been in operation? 
    Over 6 years as it began operation in late 2006.
  • Who started the organization? 
    It grew out of the PRIDE Diversity Committee as a result of a cooperation between construction labor unions and contractors.
  • How is it funded?
    Labor unions have been very supportive as well as large contractors, construction trade groups, and business organizations. There is no cost to participating companies.
  • Who runs the organization? 
    A 12 person Board of Directors and a single full-time employee, the Executive Director.
  • What means are used to support a participating minority & women-owned construction company?
    A separate Advisory Board is formed for each company in the program that includes an attorney who knows construction law, a CPA who knows construction accounting, a surety who knows construction bonding and insurance, an experienced, savvy construction executive who understands the building process, and the RUCC Executive Director who coordinates and insures that the monthly meetings are helpful to the company owner.
  • How does a company become part of the RUCC?
    Through a screening process in an effort to insure the company owner’s interest are the same as the RUCC’s. However, the Executive Director will spend time with owners even if not the program.