RUCC Program

The Center works with a select group of union construction firms that are minority and women owned. The Center develops a tailored plan specifically designed for each company, monitor the company’s progress as well as create a cohort of construction experts to mentor, advise, and challenge the leadership of each member construction firm. The Center supports the development and growth of disadvantaged construction firms to help them become viable and sustainable into the future. This will increase the minority and women owned construction capacity in the St. Louis area, and help the construction industry meet the minority and women owned participation goals established by owners and government bodies.

An advisory board is formed for each company consisting of:
1) An attorney who knows construction law
2) A CPA who knows construction accounting
3) A surety who knows construction bonding
4) A construction executive who understands the building process
5) The RUCC Executive Director who coordinates and insures that monthly meetings are helpful in growing the company.