Stages of an RUCC Program Participant

1) Preprogram participant – an individual considering to start a business or a startup company interested in guidance, but does not exhibit the structure ready to become a participant. Firms at this stage are encouraged to work informally with RUCC to help get them to the next stage; the participant stage.

2) Participant – accepted into the program and fully participating with an Advisory Board that meets monthly with the owner. Owner may require assistance from RUCC in sharing cost of education seminars, accounting help, and other third party assistance programs.

3) Partipant has some success in the business – no longer depends on assistance that requires out of pocket expenditures by RUCC and may make the decision with their Advisory Board to meet bi-monthly.

4) Participant enjoys success in business and no longer needs assistance from the RUCC – while direct ties to RUCC have been removed, the owners may continue working with their Advisory Board.

5) Participant’s ties to RUCC are discontinued – through action of the RUCC or the participant; there is no longer a relationship. This may occur because the company does not make sufficient progress and/or the company owner’s objectives are incompatible with RUCC’s objectives.